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Prices and Costs 
Dear Guests,
here we would like to give you some informationen concerning prices and costs valid from 2021 ...         Euro-Muenze
The prices concerning accomodation have to be considered as price per apartment and overnight stay for 2 persons
in the "Apartment House Annelies Müller" plus visitor's tax and possibly parking fee that will be collected additionally
by the mincipal administration. 
A possibly extra bed will be calculated by a surcharge.

 Overnight stays

Apartment incl. winter garden
in upper floor

"Amselgrund" & "Burgblick"
Apartments incl. balcony
in attic floor

no rent below 3 overnight stays


from 3 to 4 overnight stays
extra bed
 80,- Euro
(not possible)
85,- Euro
25,- Euro

from 5 to 7 overnight stays
extra bed
 52,- Euro
not possible)
57,- Euro
20,- Euro

more then 7 overnight stays
extra bed
 47,- Euro
not possible)
52,- Euro
17,- Euro
Remarks:  *  Prices might deviate on weekends with public holidays (e.g. Easter, Pentecost and so on)
                 *  Check-out until 10.00 a.m.  /  Check-in 11.00 a.m. to  01.00 p.m. or according to prior agreement !!!

On request a garage can be offered for parking your car. The parking fee mentioned below will be dispensed with
using the garage. But please consider the following advice ...

Period of use


Important advice

during your stay  1,- Euro/day
1.  Due to their dimensions the garage is
     only suitable maximum for a 
     sized car
2.  Availability on request only.

Visitor's tax:
During your stay a visitor's pass will be provided to you. Based on paying the visitor's tax you will get several discounts
showing this visitor's pass, e. g. for 

Going by Foot Ferry (river Elbe)
Events in the Tourist Centre "Haus des Gastes"
Performances in the Natural Theatre "Felsenbühne"
Boating on the Local Lake "Amselsee" ...                  

 Visitor's tax

 Apr 01th until Oct 31st

  Nov 01st until March 31st 


  2,50 Euro/night

 1,30 Euro/night

 Seriously Disabled Persons (>50%)

  1,30 Euro/night

 0,65 Euro/night

Young Persons after completion  
 of his 14th year and A

  1,30 Euro/night

 0,65 Euro/night


Parking Fee:


Because of the exposed location of the village in the National Park Saxon Switzerland, especially to guarantee of
silence in the village centre, entering
of Niederrathen (Basteiseite) with cars is restricted possible only but allowed
for overnight guests.  

Nevertheless parking fee will be collected by the municipality administration for parking directly in the village. Beginning
from Jan 01st, 2017 the costs are independent from the duration of your stay.

Now generally the parking fee is 
2,00 Euro/day  -  that will result in following costs for your stay:

Your stay [days] Parking fee [Euro] Your stay [days] Parking fee [Euro]
1 2,00 8 16,00
2 4,00 9 18,00
3 6,00 10 20,00
4 8,00 11 22,00
5 10,00 12 24,00
6 12,00 13 26,00
7 14,00 14 28,00

Please find
here some additional information ...

Please find below a flyer of our house but unfortunately in German only:
Flyer_Apartment House_Annelies