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Something concerning Kurort Rathen
Dear Guests, 

please find below some helpful information concerning Kurort Rathen
. Therefore we would like to choose the following
General Shopping Restaurants/Coffee Bars Holiday Offers

Kurort Rathen was documentary mentioned first time in year 1261 that means in year 2011 was the last bigger anniversary
the village became already 750 years old. 
Currently approx. 350 inhabitants are living in 
Kurort Rathen. The village is located in the Free State of Saxony (Freistaat Sachsen) not so far away from the regional capital (Landeshauptstadt Dresden). It is known that Dresden is also considered
as an important city of art and culture (Kunst- und Kulturstadt) and of course it is located at the river
Elbe directly.
As alraedy mentioned earlier the village is split by the river Elbe into two parts "Niederrathen" and "Oberrathen".


Because of the motorway Autobahn A17 even the so-called Golden City Prague (Goldene Stadt Prag) is not more "so
far away" and it is worth a trip
defintively, but regarding this some more information later on ...

Because of the exposed location of the village connected with the loveliness of the nature (National Park Sächsische Schweiz), the quietness (traffic calming) and the recreational offers Kurort Rathen is a best-known and plenty visited
village in the Saxon Switzerland (Elbsandsteingebirge).
The village hold the status of an officially recognised climatic spa (
You will find a lot of restaurants & coffee bars
in the villageattractions which will make your vacation amusing and also
opportunities for shopping
. Please inform yourself using the above offered pages ...

Additional important information concerning the village and your stay there you will get very easy online, by phone, by
E-Mail or personally during your stay
from the Tourist Centre (Gästeamt/Touristeninformation) of Kurort Rathen. 

      "Tourist Centre" Kurort Rathen
       - Tourist Information / Accommodation Bureau -
      Phone:  +49 / (0)35024 / 70422,  
      Fax:      +49 / (0)35024 / 70074,

There everybody will willingly help you concerning all of your questions ...

Here already a link concerning
interesting facts:       Wissenswertes