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How to reach us
Dear Guests, 

please find below some information how to reach Kurort Rathen ...
Our village is split by the river Elbe into two parts. You will find 
"Niederrathen" at the right-hand side of the river Elbe
"Oberrathen" at the opposit side. Our apartment house is located in "Niederrathen".

Going by car:
The journey is rather easy and relaxed possible using the motorway 
Autobahn A17 starting from Dresden. You leave
the motorway at the exit 
Pirna. It is important to cross the river Elbe already in Pirna using the motorway feeder 
to reach us on the shortest way. 

Therefore you leave
the motorway feeder only at the Exit Graupa and afterwards you go forward to the left-hand side,
further in direction Neustadt, Bastei via Lohmen, Rathewalde and Waltersdorf to Kurort Rathen.
1.  As already mentioned earlier the road to Kurort Rtahen at the righthand side of the river Elbe is accessible only restricted because of the
exposed location of the village. Since you are guests that will stay overnight  you will get an authorisation for accessing Kurort Rathen and
      therefore you can access Kurort Rathen unresisted. Of course that is already valid for your journey.

2.  In case you will follow a GPM system then perhaps the device will guide you to the river Elbe at first and then it will try to guide you to the
     Trebenweg from there. But from this end entering is not possible. Therefore please ignore these last announcements.
      When you will have crossed the second "speed bump" for  traffic calming then you will find on the left-hand side a small fountain, directly there
      the Trebenweg begins and from there you can see alraedy our apartment house.
In the folling map you will be able to explore our holiday region in detail or you can plan your journey using the
route finder ...
You know that it will be possible to adjust the view inside of map window by yourself. In case you click the link
"Größere Kartenansicht" a separate window will be opened ...

Größere Kartenansicht

Going by train:
Itis also possible to reach us by train. You can reach Kurort Rathen from Dresden using the urban railway in approx.
40 min. Please take for that the track "Dresden Hbf - Schöna" up to Kurort Rathen.
local transport company Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe offers you convenient connections for your journey and wide
opportunities for the arrangement of
your own "car-free" holiday trips.
But because the railway line is located at the left-hand side of the river Elbe you have to pass the river in Kurort Rathen
using the foot passenger ferry (Gierseilfähre) to reach our apartment house.


Here another helpful link for planning the journey by train:                  DB-Reiseplanung - DB-logo